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CarChat with Sydny Smith

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13 year old Sydny Smith reveals a child's perspective of the auto industry. What cars she likes, why and who makes the best ones.


Question. What kind of cars do you like?

Answer. I like Range Rovers. Like those big ones.

Question. Why do you like Range Rovers?

Answer. Well, I don't like them because they're gas guzzlers, but I like them because they're cool.

Question. Do you know somebody who owns one?

Answer. Yeah, . He owns a Range Rover. It's black.

Question. Who do you think makes the best car today?

Answer. Is dead? OK, well, if Henry Ford was alive, I think Henry Ford would make good cars, but I don't know who makes Range Rovers.

Question. What's the favorite car that you guys have owned?

Answer. I like the Ford Flex that my mom has, but a couple of years ago my dad had this Element, it was green, and it was really cool and you could plug your into it and I like that because I could listen to my music, and it also drove pretty well. But, I don't know why my dad got rid of it. It was good.

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