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"JWL" stamp on alloy wheels

Japan Light Wheel Alloy
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Japanese wheels must have a "JWL" logo stamped on the wheel.

jwl logo 1

"JWL", Japan Light Wheel Alloy logo.

"JWL" (Japan Light Wheel Alloy) is a compilation of standards defined by the Japanese Government to ensure the vehicle's safety for aluminum road wheels. Every wheel put to market must be tested to meet JWL standards before a wheel can be put out to market in Japan.

These standards are generally accepted worldwide as acceptable for most road conditions. That is why you will see these marks on European and other Asian country wheels.

Japan Light Alloy Wheel Association, while maintaining close with their member companies, carries out research and technical studies concerning the manufacture, marketing and distribution of automotive light alloy wheels.

These activities also include market and technical research aimed at developing new demand for industry products many other related activities.

To achieve these objectives, Japan Light Alloy Wheel Association aims to improve quality of Automobile
Light Alloy Wheel and promotes liability of their product in the Automotive-After market.

Major objectives also include the following
In order to maintain safety standards, supports the "JWL" and "JWL-T" technical standard and promotes "JAWA" VIA Registration System.

jwl logo 2

Japan Light Alloy Wheel logo.

Japan Light Alloy Wheel. The technical standard for Light Alloy Disc Wheels for Passenger Car
approved by Ministry of Transport (MOT).

jwl t logo

Japan Light Alloy Wheel Truck & Bus logo.

Japan Light Alloy Wheel Truck & Bus.
The technical standard for Light Alloy Disc Wheels for Truck and Bus approved by Ministry of Transport (MOT).

via logo

Vehicle Inspection Association logo.

Vehicle Inspection Association Registration System. VIA marking can only be engraved on the wheel if registered by Japan Light Alloy Automotive Wheel Testing Council after strict quality tests by the authorized testing facility on the adaptability of JWL or
JWL-T technical standard.

jawa logo 1

JAWA logo.

To establish the order of wheel design in our industry,
"JAWA" promotes Voluntary Wheel Design Protection Registration System.

"JAWA" is also lending its support to the efforts to find solutions to material recycling system.

(source: Japan Light Wheel Alloy)

jwl 2

JWL stamp on 2012 Kia Soul wheel.

wheel stamp

VIA & JWL wheel stamp. (image source: Alberto Michelatti)

jwl lexus rx350 12

JWL stamp on a 2012 Lexus RX350.

  Official site.
vectorbug3544 days ago

We call the alley crawlers here in Chicago, Jawas.

Hello Sir/Madam

Am Mr.Henry Johnson and will like to order some Alloy Wheels,Rims or Tyres for my company so please kindly let me know the types and kinds of product that you have ready in stock with the amount and type of payment that you accept..Nice and Hope i hear back from You...

Best Regards
Mr.Henry Fills Johnson

3402 days ago

I always wondered what that was!

I asked some guy who sold alloy wheels once, he didnt have a clue!

Thanks for clearing that up, CarType! :D

paul3201 days ago

i have 15" alloys on my mazda mx-5 with the "jwl" and "via" markings. they appear to be "excite" brand. can anybody tell me where i can get replacement centre caps for them?

dave koch3174 days ago

i need some bearing dust covers for 14x6 via jwl wheels,,, they a plastic and @ 2 7/8" round and fit over the hub....would like to know a source for them.....thanks for your timejawn

Dave Redmond3107 days ago

Many people are to told to look out for the German TUV standard, and this is compulsory in many European countries. JWL is pretty much THE standard in wheels and if it doesn't have it the I wouldn't touch it. If it has JWL you'll be fine.

Regarding Paul and the excite cap, it's probably a 52mm cap which is a standard size and available at most online shops.

why are there still problems with aluminum rims from the usa are just considered as German rims via: SAE j 2530
there has to change what you had sales all over! everyone wants to USA Wheels!

Regards from Germany


Jemi2896 days ago

This serves as an assurance that cars passed the qualifications before they will be available on the market.For customers,it's will also serves as our basis of a good quality rims.

Shridhar2746 days ago

I recently bought a used 2005 Altima which has after market JWL wheel.
Now, since the tyres are worn out I want to replace them.
But, I do not have the lug nut key for the wheels.
Please let me know where to find it.

Cecil2601 days ago

I have a set of really nice custom rims and I don't have a clue what they are. they have the letters PWC and JWL on the inside and a fancy looking D on the center of the out side. Cand any one help me.

Glenn2600 days ago

I have a set of Rays Challenge wheels with both JWL and VIA stamps. But the size stamps are confusing; Fronts have 18x JJ, Rears have 18x J. And the VIA stamp has VIA690KG

What do they mean?


Marcos 2586 days ago

I nned Sam info on my rims 18s Katana via jw 690 KG

russell matchett2549 days ago

hi i have an alloy that i need replaced. a 1998 impreza non turbo its a 17 x7jj with the jwl and via badge with 690kg there granite 15 spoke 5 plug alloys. with subaru centre cap i think there standard but have been told there special edition and only 60 sets made??

Chuck Lucas2225 days ago

Hey guys, I have an 87 Pontiac Trans Am GTA. I purchased it in 1998 from the guy who ordered it new. Car is in cherry condition, has the 5.7 TPI, hard top, 4 wheel disc brakes, 373 posi-trac all the performance upgrades I have done to it. The car's only flaw is the rims. I have purchased new ones from 2 different places, but they were OEM and very poorly made. I returned both sets for a refund. The wheels are 16 by 8 inch diamond spoke with gold center and polished aluminum lip. Fronts are zero offset, rears are 16mm offset. Can you please make me a set of these wheels in gold? PLEASE! I ordered a set of black ones for my black car that were made by you guys. They are flawless, perfect! If I could only get a set made by you guys in gold I'd be sooo very grateful! Please help me complete my car. Thanks.

Guido Brambilla2174 days ago

Thank you , guys !
I saw the first time this logo on my Citroen XM, then on my father's CRV and I was wondering..: is it a manufacturer ? Japanese wheel on european cars or european wheels on japanese car ? :)
Now I know what it is !

jdoe2133 days ago

Its funny that one of the pics shows the stamp on the back of the wheel, it must be fake as the stamp MUST be on the front of the wheel.

Ockert Wood1876 days ago

Good day. I am in South Africa, and need to replace 2 JWL rims on my toyota landcruiser 2006. these rims were sold in SA by a company called Tiger Wheel and Tyer. They say this brand was discontinuid. I find it hard to believe that there is no where in the world 2 rims like these lying around. They are 16" 5 hole toyland rims. Could any one please assist me?

Harold Ford1874 days ago

I hve the JWL and VIA marking on my wheels where cn I find the name of the wheel nd where can I find replacement caps

rodney1848 days ago

I have damaged an alloy wheel and am trying to find a replacement - no luck so far.
It has jwl on the rim along with - Hurricane H706 16x7J.
Can anyone help?

David1677 days ago

I. Have a set of 4 Centreline wheels. With JWL and VIA stamped into them
Does this mean they were made in Japan?

Quincy1592 days ago

Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on blogs I stumble upon everyday.

david1385 days ago

I have damaged an alloy wheel and am trying to find a replacement - no luck so far.
It has jwl via on the rim along with - 0503 19x9J.
Can anyone help?

I wont buy the book of stander jwl and it is spacification
Where I can buy from???

Soulla Chari;aou1070 days ago

Hi i am in England and have your allow wheels on the car i have just purchased. I need CHROME Centre caps replaced. The numbers on the allow wheel are:
7.OJ x17H2


If you sell these please let me know the Price Thankyou

amiri mehdi 742 days ago

hello, I have bought the rims and need(require) a kba number (festichkeitsgutachten)
please they send me the papers
via jwl
et 35
690 kg
08 22 26

ryan carrasco 735 days ago

I hve the JWL and VIA marking on my wheels where cn I find the name of the wheel nd where can I find replacement caps

Ryan Carrasco734 days ago

Iam lookIng for center caps for yall brand wheel

Luc709 days ago

Hi, I have a 2016 Honda CRV EX-L. The vehicle was purchased brand new at the dealership. Why is it that 3 of my alloy wheels have the JWL embossed correctly and the fourth wheel has the JWL logo embossed in reverse (mirror image) ? Is it a legitimate wheel or a fake wheel ?

hachi469 days ago

do replica rims carry the same logo?



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