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I park like an idiot

Filed under:  Idiots
Comment(s): 25

A truly amazing collection of losers who have absolutely no regard for others. (Careful, you don't want to end up here).

spain idiot
idiot 100
idiot 99
idiot 98
idiot 86
idiot 87
idiot 88
idiot 89
idiot 90
idiot 91
idiot 92
idiot 94
idiot 95
idiot 96
idiot 97
idiot 93
idiot 85
idiot 82
idiot 83
idiot 84
idiot 75
idiot 76
idiot 77
idiot 81
idiot 74
idiot 73
idiot 79
idiot 80
idiot 72
idiot 78
idiot 71
idiot 66
idiot 67
idiot 63
idiot 69
idiot 68
idiot 64
idiot 70
idiot 65
idiot 62
idiot 60
idiot 61
idiot 59
idiot 57
idiot 56
idiot 55
idiot 58
idiot 54
idiot 50
idiot 51
idiot 52
idiot 53
idiot 49
idiot 48
idiot 47
idiot 46
idiot 45 s
idiot 44 s
idiot 43 s
idiot 42 s
idiot 31
idiot 30
idiot 35
idiot 331
idiot 25
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idiot 41

Parallel Parking.

Chris3572 days ago

Not surprising how many people have no regard for civility any more. Bad parking is only symptomatic of wider issues.
There are a lot of KNUCKLEHEADS out there.

Scott3557 days ago

These pictures remind me of parking at my apartment complex... People really are idiots.

Paul Teixeira3557 days ago

This is nothing compared to what happens in Europe. If you think this is not civil take a trip to Naples, Italy where "green means go, yellow means go and red means optional. " and yes the bounderies of sidewalk vs road do not exist. Pedestrians are moving obstacles, if you hit one you aim is can enlist in the army..

3557 days ago

There is nothing I despise more than the full sideways park. I wanted to get ice cream and a p.o.s. Chrysler was taking up three parking spots.

I might have accidentally let a cart roll down the hill.

A parking idiot3557 days ago

Well, I do occasioanlly park like an idiot -- on purpose. If there is the last vacant spot (usially so tight that not many would consider it a spot at all) and a car next to it parked loosely without any consideration (imagine that, someone may actually need that last spot!), I park my Bug and I don't care if the driver of the loosely parked car cannot get into his vehicle any longer. Next time, they'll learn. Hopefully.

SPG3555 days ago

In my younger (and dumber) days I had a $400 beater that already had quite a few dents. It was very satisfying to find the brand new luxury car taking two spots, fold in the mirror, and park within a half inch of their driver side.

3551 days ago

I do think that if you are WAY OUT in a empty lot and there are an ample amount of spaces...sometimes taking up a few spots is far game. Let's not forget that there are plenty of idiots that LOVE to smack doors.

It's a tough call, but when I see a very nice car in an outer area taking up spaces I see it as a defensive move.

D3550 days ago not only has a gallery, but notices you can print and distribute to your heart's content.

miss e3549 days ago

Funny pics. I was waiting to see pics where car tires actually crossed over concrete barriers, or even a truck or SUV with one tire actually parked on the curb. Surprisingly, I see quite a few of these every so often.

3549 days ago

You can check out a whole bunch of badly-parked cars at the .

Stupidity Should Be Painful3543 days ago

I probably shouldn't post this, but I was furious at somebody's parking lot antics a while back. A run of the mill Suburban didn't take 2, not 3, but FOUR parking spots. If this was at the far end of the lot I wouldn't have minded, but it wasn't. This was right in front. If the vehicle was an Enzo or another super-exotic, then I would not have minded, but it was just another every day driver. Maybe I had a bad day, but this really pissed me off. So much so that I wrote a note and left it under their wiperblade. The note said... I hope you are now inconvenienced; just as you inconvenienced many other people by parking the way you did. Right before leaving the note, I clipped the valve stems of two of the tires. hissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

kurtdaniel3477 days ago

It's absolutely illegal. but if you would complain it to the police you could have actions after two weeks. So better leave their photos posted in blogs for them to be embarrased.

3388 days ago

comment on the first (it doesnt mean that when you have an attractive car, you're gonna have the right to park it anywhere)...oh well,,maybe most of them are just beginner drivers..

Bob Dole3348 days ago


dumbasses2934 days ago

At my job sometimes people pull in the parking lot and park right across the front door, ignoring all of the clearly lined spots and blocking in the car of the tenant who lives in the apartment upstairs.

Today a guy parked perpendicular across three parking spots.

DT2745 days ago

Hey thanks for sharing this stuff ...i don't know who gave them license to drive car and because they park their vehicle like this some times we don't get place to park our cars....

luve2696 days ago

Most of the women park their cars very badly and create problems for other can they park their car so badly?

jeffy 2651 days ago

O shit this is the worst parking i have every seen ..this people create lot of problems to other and because of their mistake we have to suffer.

rvs2631 days ago

They are really too bad when it comes to parking in my life i have not seen worst parking then this guys have done. hope by checking this blog next time they wont repeat the same mistake again.

Ini2573 days ago

too funny.

Dab2573 days ago

Those parking jobs are way too funny lol

2502 days ago


Joel2458 days ago

Oh boy! Do I have some great NYC parking idiot pics for you.

Rob2192 days ago

.... some are completely understandable... when I take my nice car out (which isn't often), that I've spent years and countless hours trying to preserve (60,000 miles and it still looks and smells brand new, maybe better than new), I'm not going to have some fuck-tard park right beside me and bump it with his piece of shit. In conclusion, I see NOTHING wrong with taking up two spots for something you've worked your ass off for. (maybe a different story if there are only a few spots available)

1915 days ago

Nice collection! I too run a website allowing submissions too! :D



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