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I am an idiot

Filed under:  Idiots
Comment(s): 11

Hitting your head while getting out of bed in the morning can lead to some very serious consequences.


Not even BMWs are safe.

idiot 341

He is so proud. LOL!!

idiot 36 towel civic

What a moron!!! Look closely and see the latest in import accessorizing, the chrome bathroom towel-bar as an aerodynamic aid.

idiot 29 muffler

Just like hemorrhoids.

scratched bumper 22

Look at this guy's bumper!


idiot 20

idiot 23b

Wheel spinners on a Volkswagen Passat. A quick way to mess up a good car.

idiot 23a

Wheel spinners on a Volkswagen Passat. A quick way to mess up a good car.



idiot 15


idiot 30 cancun

Seen in Cancun, even the front windshield is tinted.

idiot 19

idiot 351

idiot 16

idiot 321

Check out these pipes! Lord!

idiot 33

This is unreal! I know you probably think I'm messing with you, but this is for real.

idiot 13

idiot 18

idiot 17

idiot 14

idiot 311



idiot 11




idiot 10

idiot 12

idiot 27 truck

While walking my dog, this semi went under a train track and ripped off the ENTIRE roof.

car trim set

Glow in the dark trim. ARE YOU KIDDING?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

idiot 21

I hate to say this, but if you put this wheel on your vehicle, YOU ARE AN IDIOT!


some of these things are indeed crazy... but some i dont realy se why they are special... for example thers 2 pictures on cars whit white or yellow rear bumpers/skirst/wing and thats ust that they are deliverd that way! ust havent painted them yet!

and the spinners.. well he thinkied it looked good... i bet u use a t-shirt that ust looks retarded but u think it looks good... who cares right?

also the smal White WV whit a wing abit bigger then the car... why is that worthy of being here whit one below it made of wood and screws

also the orange volvo i think it is... ust pretty crazy styled... cool car that might need these thing to be abel to handle the speeds it can do?

the car below it. ust an old car... whats whit it?

and the truck that hit the bridge... its easy done. thers loads of bridges u have to rember and look up before driving to a new place. i have full respect for this dude as he prob ust missed it, and its ust not funny at all... so ur an retard naming this image "idiot_27_truck.jpg"

ust grow up and learn how things work whit styling and sutch before saying or showing anything. tho i can agree whit some things, like some of the bumpers and stuff

// Random Guy from

Kim3573 days ago

Please learn to type english

zen3482 days ago

the 59 mini-cad is sweeet!

jake3477 days ago

nice cars

3451 days ago

I feel like an idiot because my car doesn't have any of these features. Am I falling behind?

jdm3392 days ago

tsk tsk tsk

Dazzler3357 days ago

WTF i have a cardbored body kit on my car waht the fuck is wrong with it as long as you dont get it wet it wint fall off


idiots how the hell can anybody think that sticking shit loads of bad fitting carbon fiber and aluminium on to an already crappy car make it any more attractive

but i will have to invest in a wooden spoiler that thing is sweet back to nature baby yeah!

r8kid3304 days ago

This is a damn shame lol. Look at the gigantic mufflers!!!!

Your English teacher 3235 days ago

Good lord "Random Guy from" you have some serious problems with your language skills. Make me feel better and go get your GED ok? Thanks! Have a nice day!

fdfdfa2478 days ago

author of this article is an idiot

David2130 days ago

If your car can fly, your wing is mounted upside down.

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