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Road Hump

Filed under:  Opinions-Tips
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All over the City of Chicago (and I assume other cities as well) these layers of asphalt have been popping up on almost every street.

Naturally I understand the theory of why it is being done, but I just can't help having a problem with them for a variety of reasons.

First, and perhaps most importantly, it has been proven by several studies that they reduce your gas mileage by over 20% from the increased stop and go, not to mention the additional strain on the brakes and other components.

But additionally, since they are all done manually, they often vary in height and no matter how slow you approach them, they scratch the front and bottom of your car.

I can't imagine what the cost of this program must be, as you can see in these images, the street behind our office received four humps, and it's not very long. If you add the stop sign at the end of the street, you have to come to a complete stop 5 times in one short block.

Seems like a waste to me.

road hump 2

road hump 1

road hump 3

road hump 4

road hump 5

road hump 6

In the meantime, the city is littered with huge (and dangerous) potholes that are simply ignored for months. An example is the one shown (below).

This thing is becoming a cave. Instead of fixing it, the city just comes by and places a cone in front of it. The cone sank in the hole so they added another one, then a third.

This pothole is on the corner of Wabansia and Wood in Chicago, and I have personally witnessed countless vehicles sink into it, ripping their front facia off, damaging their wheel and possibly the suspension.

img 5406

img 5405

img 5407

img 5408

img 5410

  Speed Humps.
3478 days ago

Speed bumps for jackasses while law-abiding drivers suffer. It's a shame.

Chris May3478 days ago

I ride a bike so they're kinda fun

Chris May3478 days ago

…and while riding said bumps, exclaiming WEEEEE!

DHH3478 days ago

It sucks. There is no quality control on these things.

3478 days ago

They're gentle to cars, but make my moped weep.

JF3474 days ago

I never thought about the gas mileage implications, but it definitely seems like it would have a pretty big impact.

Carbon Bigfoot3474 days ago

I don't need things like this to make me obey the speed limit. As a form of rebellion and protest, I like to squeal my tires over them. Sure, it's a wasteful and thuggish gesture but I like to share my annoyance. Had the street not been sullied by this nonsense I would have drifted down the street peacefully.

vectorbug3469 days ago

I ride a bike too and I agree, what a waste and pain on vehicles and my butt.

Uk guy3464 days ago

Well, Speed bumps as we call them, are everywhere in UK town and city centres.. the humps completely ruin geomety alignment and put massive stress on the shocks over time..

Looks like they've arrived over the pond too now. Enjoy a taste of British Motoring! :)

nitrogrease3464 days ago

Hahaha, I'm sorry but that ain't no bump... you outta see the things in Mexico they have called topes. They are something that will thrash your car. Some of them are so big that if you hit them even at just 20 mph or so you will catch some serious air.

urban biker3044 days ago

Why should we get rid of speed bumps?

1) For every added pump of the accelerator, an additional puff of carbon pollutants is put into the air. Instead of coasting down the block to the stop sign, you put your foot on the gas again to make it to the sign and then apply the brakes.

2) Speed bump/humps slow down emergency vehicles.

3) They remind us that a few cranky complainers can get the alderman to install them to inconvenience everyone. Somewhere I saw the install cost estimated at $2000 per speed bump.



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