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Chicago Crosswalk and Budget

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A week or so ago the city of Chicago announced a 420 million dollar shortfall in the city's budget. Mayor Daley was seen on television asking the general public to submit any ideas they might have on how to help the city meet its budget after suggesting that city workers should work one day a week for free. (they will have to lay-off 1800 employees).

Anyone who has driven a car in this city knows the state of potholes, not to mention the general decay of road surfaces, sometimes unrelated to potholes and more to do with the "re-construction" of the surface after workers are done tearing up the original surface to get to a pipe or drain, then "fixing" the road to how they found it.

Many times, and much more regular than ever, the quality and workmanship of the final product is nothing more than amateurish at best.

A few weeks ago, I posted a story about road humps in the hopes that it would get the discussion rolling, and now I have noticed another city project that I feel needs to also be addressed.

At this point it needs to be said that this project, unlike the road humps, does beautify the city, and would be most welcomed under any other circumstances, but it this climate, it seems to me to be a waste.

If I can personalize this story to make a point it would be this... I have a kitchen that needs to be redone. I'd like to do it soon but I simply can not justify the cost at this time. If I had the ability to go ahead and do it and worry about the payment later, most likely by someone else (taxpayers), perhaps i'd do more than just the kitchen. But I have to, as we all do, live within a responsible budget.

The obvious suggestion is that the city does as well.

Tough choices need to be made, and things need to be cut. This re-decoration of cross walks is just simply not needed.

It isn't that crosswalks did not exist here. They were already there. They had the white stripes from one end of the street to the other, but what the city is doing is coming in and grinding the stripes off, then stamping the asphalt with a fake brick pattern, then painting the embossed pattern a "brick red", then painting the white stripes back on.

I love Chicago, and I love what the mayor has done to make this city better. I'd like to have all crosswalks look like this. But if you can't pay for it, don't buy it. We shouldn't either.

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3450 days ago

Definitely agree, it looks quite nice. But there are so many other things we could be re-painting or redoing, like a lot of the screwed up / graffiti'd walls and such.

vectorbug3448 days ago

It wont look nice for long, just like all the other cross walks they've been repainting up and down Damen this month. Please fix the potholes that force me to either ride on the wrong side of the street, or out in traffic out of the bike lanes.

And really, does Wicker Park need more decoration? They've already sold the affluent to the neighborhood, lets move on to say... Logan Square and figure out who shot the kid in my alley last month.



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