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Model decals

Vinatge decal sets.
Filed under:  Toys | Type-Emblems
Comment(s): 13

This great collection of vintage decal sets for R/C buggies from the 80's make for some wonderfull eye candy. All recreated by VRC and available for sale from makers such as Hirobo, Kyosho, Marui and Tamiya.

tamiya audi quattro body

Tamiya Audi Quattro body.

VintageRCWeb was put together to not only showcase Brian's collection and document its progress, but to also pass on any of the information that he's gathered after endless hours of searching. This includes history, manuals, decals, artilces, how to write-ups, and even a chat room for visitors.

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tamiya jeep wrangler

Tamiya Jeep Wrangler.

tamiya audi quattro

Tamiya Audi Quattro.

tamiya fav

Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle.

tamiya blackfoot

Tamiya Blackfoot.

tamiya blazing blazer

Tamiya Blazing Blazer.

tamiya bruiser

Tamiya Bruiser.

tamiya ford ranger

Tamiya Ford Ranger.

tamiya hilux

Tamiya Hilux.

tamiya lamborgini

Tamiya Lamborghini.

tamiya monster beetle

Tamiya Monster Beetle.

tamiya porsche959

Tamiya Porsche 959.

tamiya pajero

Tamiya Pajero.

tamiya opel ascona

Tamiya Opel Ascona.

tamiya sandscorcher a

Tamiya Sandscorcher 1.

tamiya sandrover

Tamiya Sandrover.

tamiya sandscorcher c

Tamiya Sandscorcher 3.

tamiya supersabre

Tamiya Supersabre.

tamiya wildwilly

Tamiya Wild Willy.

tamiya wildwilly2

Tamiya Wild Willy 2.

kyosho javelin

Kyosho Javelin.

kyosho optima

Kyosho Optima.

kyosho ultima

Kyosho Ultima.

tamiya lancia rally

Tamiya Lancia Rally.

tamiya sandscorcher b

Tamiya Sandscorcher 2.

tamiya falcon

Tamiya Falcon.

tamiya superchamp

Tamiya Superchamp.

hirobo rockin city

Hirobo Rockin City.

tamiya boomerrang

Tamiya Boomerrang.

tamiya egress

Tamiya Egress.

kyosho turbo scorp

Kyosho Turbo Scorpion.

tamiya frog

Tamiya Frog.

kyosho scorpion

Kyosho Scorpion.

kyosho kbeetle

Kyosho Beetle.

tamiya luchbox

Tamiya Lunchbox.

tamiya hotshot1

Tamiya HotShot 1.

tamiya hotshot2

Tamiya HotShot 2.

tamiya grasshopper

Tamiya Grasshopper Team.

kyosho maxxum

Kyosho Maxxum.

tamiya holiday

Tamiya Holiday.

tamiya avante 2001

Tamiya Avante 2001.

kyosho progress

Kyosho Progress.

tamiya supershot

Tamiya Supershot.

hirobo rockin city body

Hirobo Rockin City Body.

tamiya bigwig

Tamiya Bigwig.

kyosho progress

Kyosho Progress.

tamiya fox

Tamiya Fox.

tamiya hornet

Tamiya Hornet.

marui hunter

Marui Hunter.

vrcw logo

VRC logo.

josh podolske3486 days ago

these are an excellent resource for old type and colors. brilliant find.

Robert Smyth3383 days ago

Hi, can any fellow restorer tell me where I can buy these decals please?
Many thanks

Michael3378 days ago

Go to you can buy decal paper that works in either Lazer or inkjet printers and print your own. Just right click on any picture here and save the picture and print it on decal paper.

3197 days ago

Wow! :) This is really nice collection of vintage themes of giant companies in the automotive industry. I never seen before this type of collection and I am really lucky person to see this collection.

Thanks for antique logos
David James

Fung2947 days ago

is great brother , pick up my memories after watch, can i buy one wild willy 1 decal from U ! THX a lot


Frank Schroeder2927 days ago

Where can I buy a set of Indy Pace Car decals from the 1974 Olds pace car and the 1985 Olds pace car so I can make a model of the actual car? Can anyone make these decals for me? No one has made these cars as a model so I thought I could make one for my son. Thanks

john2738 days ago

The decals are originally organized by price and size, but they have been shuffled around over the years.

badi2560 days ago

they are fantastic and they are also good ispiring graphics as they are!

stefan lackner2445 days ago

Please let me know where i can by Kyosho Beetle decals or repro decals of the Kyosho Beetle

decals2193 days ago

Beautiful decals!

lord2150 days ago

wow very nice....thx alot

j1993 days ago

These are all nice decals, but they are low resolution not good enough for print... does anybody know where we can get the 300 dpi versions? I am willing to pay as whoever made them deserves something for their time.. please let me know.

thank you very much!!

CHRIS 1038 days ago

Great Decals!
can you help in finding me a set for a Tamiya super hornet? im currently restoring one at the moment, hope you can help its the missing piece :)



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