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Logo re-applications

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I just returned from Seoul Korea, a trip that was extremely pleasant and enjoyable. There are so many positive unknowns about Seoul that after being there for just a few days you just have to wonder why it is not a bigger attraction. The service and the people are amazing.

However I did noticed quite a few logos "borrowed" for other applications, a habit that seems to be quite common in most Asian countries.

I have documented a few within the car industry, mostly from China, in the Car company logo rip-offs article, and here a just a few more.

In this first example, the Rolls-Royce logo is used for the restaurant Rooibos.

rolls royce logo 2

Rolls Royce logo.

rooibos 1

rooibos 2

And in this example, the Mobiloil "pegasus" is used for the Unso "prestige Collection of Classic Furniture" logo.

mobiloil logo


bhamblin2937 days ago

Perhaps a little googling would help clarify before people post. Socony-Vacuum sold out in 1955 and became Socony-Mobil. In 1966 it changed names to Mobil Oil. They did not rip off anyones logo. Not sure about the others, but if this one is incorrect, I'd be careful of believing the others are without further research.

CT2937 days ago

Perhaps a little reading would help clarify before people post. The point here has nothing to do with Socony-Mobil, but that the logo is now for a furniture store.

IND1237 days ago

It's two logos actually, the second one is the ETRO logo. Even if a logo is not in current use, it's still property of the respective owner(s).



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