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DiMora Glass Roof Lightens and Darkens

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World’s most technologically advanced sport luxury sedan will include AGP’s Vario Plus-Sky, the latest innovation of the world’s market leader in state-of-the-art security and technology glass.

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Dimora Motorcars logo.

American Glass Products and DiMora Motorcar, two highly innovative companies focused on exceeding customer and market expectations, have formed a strategic technology partnership. Building on its world leadership in automotive security and technology glass, AGP will provide Vario Plus-Sky glass for the roof of the Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan. For the first time ever, passengers will be able to change the roof from completely opaque to highly transparent, or any point in between.

AGP Vario Plus-Sky is a unique and revolutionary technology which allows you to adjust the transparency of a window, switching as required from a completely dark glass to a highly transparent one. This is possible with the simple touch of a button, to choose if total privacy is desired or if transparency is preferred, to be able to see and be seen.

AGP Vario Plus-Sky is a laminated safety glass system with AGP Nano Technology. A layer of tiny particles--mostly crystals and polymers--is trapped between two other layers. These particles receive an electric impulse that results in the re-orientation of this emulsion to generate a see-through surface or a dark one when no pulse is present.

While designing the Natalia SLS 2, Alfred DiMora had ambitious plans for a roof that was primarily glass, with separate sunroofs for front and rear passengers and glass with variable transparency. He knew that this was a difficult challenge that had not been done before.

After discussing his requirements with many automotive glass companies, DiMora found that AGP Vario Plus-Sky was the right glass to use and the AGP engineering staff was first rate. Working with the DiMora design team, they produced the right solution for the Natalia, and AGP became an important Technology Partner for DiMora Motorcar.

"AGP is a tremendous company to work with," said DiMora. "At every step of the design process, the range of technologies that they can build into specialized glazing enabled them to meet or exceed all of our specifications. We are proud to be the first manufacturer to incorporate Vario Plus-Sky into a production automobile."

In addition to its unequalled shading capabilities, AGP Vario Plus-Sky offers exceptional safety and security benefits, and it significantly reduces the amount of heat passing through the window into the vehicle cabin or other interior space. AGP Vario Plus-Sky also blocks more than 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) light.

AGP's Business Development Manager, Norman Peña, commented on the importance of this strategic alliance. "AGP has always been a leader in innovation in automotive glazing, including in our glasses the latest technologies in functionality, safety, light weight, and protection. Now, AGP Vario Plus-Sky delivers to the Natalia SLS 2 the type of glazing a luxury automobile of this kind deserves. Not only does it provide the latest light control option available, but also the beautiful, stylish ambiance that the owner of such a magnificent sedan demands."

About American Glass Products.
Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, is dedicated to the production of high technology glass for a wide range of applications. During the last 40 years AGP has become one of the largest specialty glazing manufacturers in the world.

(source: DoMora)

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DiMora Natalia SLS 2 : 2006   The world's first $2 million production automobile.
  Official site.
3231 days ago

At every step of the design process, the range of technologies that they can build into specialized glazing enabled them to meet or exceed all of our specifications.

Mario Games3159 days ago

Cool!!! This is possible with the simple touch of a button, to choose if total privacy is desired. Regards,

Anthony3154 days ago

Great technology and awesome luxury.The specialized design and the extraordinary glazing really made it possible to meet our specifications.

Thanks Anthony

wholesale clothes3148 days ago

The luxury speaks it all.Great technology and design and the glazing put really makes it potential to meet extraordinary specifications.

Play Free Games3144 days ago

Wow thats a sick mod, where can we buy one?

Wholesale3098 days ago

That car is definitely one of the most coolest cars I have ever seen. Great and total modern technology have been used to built it and with extraordinary design with glazing and shining look. Much similar to the FZR200.



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